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Sex in the Cemetery



In the title novella, a chance meeting of two old school friends from Jerusalem in the Manila international airport leads to a racy and ferocious chain of events in the foreign capital, including falling desparately in love with a local prostitute and getting shot at by her bugs-bunny-pajama-wearing pimp.


          The fourteen other short stories deal with everyday life and death of young Israelis, coming to terms with the world outside their doorstep, being away from home, love, sex and memory.


“Gavron has a clear, full, masculine voice, scathing and rough. He is hardly ever off-key, not even when he describes violence or wild sex scenes, not even when he allows himself, rarely, to become poetic.” Yediot Achronot


"Gavron has power, and a voice that leads the readers safely through accurate realistic situations... He makes you laugh all the way and then leavs you pained and disturbed, with tears stuck in your guts." Haaretz


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